SGPA Calculator

use this web app to calculate your SGPA and CGPA. Built for VTU students.


This SGPA calculator was built to help VTU students calculate their SGPA,iIt may be flexible enough to work with your university as well. To add subjects click the "+" button. The credit break up is as follows:

  • Main - 4 credits
  • Final Year Project - 5 credits
  • Elective - 3 credits
  • Labs,Internship seminars, technical seminars - 2 credits
  • 1 credit

Use these settings to setup the calculator to the configuration of your current semester. As of 2019, this calculator is able to support semesters 1 to 8. The CGPA calculator is similar, just enter your cgpa from semester 1 to 8.

Enter your marks
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Lab 1

Lab 2

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CGPA calculator

Enter your SGPAs according to semester

leave fields blank for semesters not completed

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